What is Beyond Key OCR?

Beyond Key OCR Solutions does an amazing job! Use our OCR services to get documents with searchable text. We promise that our clients will save up to 60% on costs, have better data security, and get high accuracy. Contact us today for better customer service, more storage space, and other business benefits!


Here’s what makes us the most reliable OCR services company

AI-powered OCR technology that can reliably recognize printed and handwritten text, making it a flexible tool for organizations.

Supports several languages, making it helpful for worldwide businesses.

Reliably recognize printed and handwritten text, making it a flexible tool for organizations.

Accurately extracts data from documents, minimizing manual data entry and optimizing business operations.

Our Benefits


Our OCR services automates numerous document data extraction procedures, decreasing human labor.


Can also manage massive document volumes for any size enterprise.


Reduces manual labor and boosts productivity, saving organizations money.


Can be integrated with document management systems to improve workflow and business operations.

How it Works?

Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy and quick to turn scanned photos and PDFs into editable text.

Our OCR process starts when a picture or scanned document is sent to us. Our solution then works on the document. Using complex algorithms, our OCR engine can figure out the shapes and patterns of letters and numbers and match them to characters in a built-in font library.

The result is a fully editable document with text that you can search, copy and change as you like. We also offer tools like image enhancement and automatic page detection to ensure the highest accuracy level.

Our OCR technology works with more than one language, which makes it useful for businesses, researchers, and individuals. Try out our OCR service today to see how easy and quick it is to digitize your documents."


From Data Access to Data Security, You Get it All!

Not only can you access and download the extracted data in required format .pdf, .xlsx, .doc, etc. but also data security. Beyond Key is a GDPR compliant entity and practices banking grade data security.

Our servers and networks employ the most advanced and efficient security mechanisms available. We have never lost any project-related documents because of a data breach, server, or network failure. Never. Additionally, we never store any data. Thus, you can be rest assured in the confidentiality of your data.